Hiking, climbing, golf, sailing and biking are some of the many activities you can enjoy in the municipality of Alange.

We propose a plan or, well, more accurately, we propose a “menu of plans.” If you are someone who enjoys sport and nature you may have already read our article on the bike trekking trail that the ASC Pata del Buey set for us. Well, today we want to show a small variety of options within Alange that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

The ‘starters’ come from Bike Rental Hermanos Guillén. In our region can be found up to thirty types of cycling routes with different courses and different levels of difficulty and to this end, Hermanos Guillén put at our disposal the best bikes. Touring with them around the banks of the Guadiana and our river Matachel, you can see storks, nightingales, common otter, willows, wild roses and much more that will make your trip an unforgettable day. They offer the option of a long trip, pedalling 2Km, or a 12Km shorter route, and always at prices within reach of every pocket: 10 euros per hour. Via telephone number 619 88 51 75 I will gladly provide more information.

The ‘main course’ is supplied by Alcor Group Extremadura. If we are more keen on the liquid element there’s windsurfing, kayaks, stand up paddle board (where, standing on a surfboard, you propel yourself with a paddle), up to small-craft sailing accompanied by a monitor in a catamaran with length of over 4 meters. If you fancy a more earthly environment, we propose blowpipe shooting, or activities such as archery, mountain bike routes, gymkhanas or dynamic strategy games and orienteering in addition to the classic paintball. Of course, if we want to try out how the birds feel when taking to the skies, we can try rappelling, zip line or rope bridge; not to mention the thrill of climbing nets or artificial rock faces. Add to all this that any of these Alcor Group proposals, we perform at the reservoir of Alange, surrounded by fantastic views.

Finally, the ‘dessert’ comes at the hand of Don Tello Golf. From individual golf classes of 30 minutes to various monthly promotions, whether you’re already experienced or want to start now – whatever your age, because they also have a children’s school to learn this noble sport. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, you can find it here.

Whatever, you have no excuse not to come and get to know Alange!

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