Alange has arrived at, the leading social network created by travellers and for travellers!

Alange proposes itself as one of the favourite tourist destinations for Spaniards in general, and the Extremeñans in particular, for which a most important step is to have a virtual presence on the biggest and best social networks, both established and emerging.

Beyond our profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we have decided to launch on, the most interesting of the social networks for those undertaking any type of journey. It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling to a village of 600 inhabitants or whether you’ve decided to get to know the Gardens of Luxembourg, everywhere has something that makes it individual, a charming corner in which to take a photo and tell your friends about the marvels of the location. That’s the reason for the existence of this social network in which we’ve now arrived, to be able to tell the whole world (instead of just that co-worker on Monday morning) why they must visit that place that so captivated us when we were there.

It has been, in a single sentence, the social web of excellence for travellers since its appearance in 2007. Where to eat, what to visit, which hotels are worth staying in, you’ll find it all in this social network just by typing your chosen destination into the search field; additionally, if you’re uncertain and seeking the best plan for your weekend, the network itself will inspire you with its recommendations about how to travel: with friends, as a couple, on cultural trips etc. You can upload photos in situ in the places where you experience those special moments, or even record a video to share with everybody, but if you prefer to do things peacefully via your computer at home, there’s also the option you upload your material, adding it to that of other travellers who have shared theirs, or creating a new entry to inform others. Minube is the most practical tool for all travellers, where they themselves are those who offer advice and information about what to visit and why. That’s why, now, Alange proposes having such an important presence, to show the world what it’s like and how  worthwhile it is to enjoy its culture and folklore; a unique place in the world, in which to have unforgettable experiences for all the senses.

One more thing; if you don’t have a computer to hand right now, Minube also exists as a smartphone app that works perfectly on Android, iOS iPhone or Windows Phone.

Where Minube is, so is Alange, so now you have no excuse not to carry us in your pocket as well as in your heart.

Come and meet us in our new profile and save us in your “favourites” so you don’t miss anything of interest:


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