Alange is Health and Wellbeing

El BalnearioAlange, destination or health and wellness, thanks to its Spa and to the hot springs, a unique resource in the world. The effectiveness of the mineral water spring that supplies the Spa has been proven scientifically. Radon dissolved in water produces significant improvements in nervous system disorders, arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory problems, gynecopathy, arthritis and moderate hypertension. The waters are applied via different methods and styles (baths, hot and cold alternating or Scottish showers, bubbles, underwater, etc. …) as well as inhalation treatments, aerosols, irrigations, muds and massages.

The Spa offers modern facilities today, having become an important spa town. Thus, alongside the Roman Baths, it offers eight individual swimming pools or baths and twenty compartments with marble basins for individual bathing. It also has a Kneipp meadow in which to exercise outdoors and apply sand or heliotherapy cures.

The Alange Spa combines traditional therapies with the latest trends in wellness and hydrotherapy.