This is adjoined to the Balneario, and is attributed to Christ’s patronage of the baths. Also, within it, worship is offered to St Blás, St Bartholomew and to the Miraculous Virgin, the patron of Alange. One of the earliest written records we have about its existence appears in manuscripts of the parish archive toward the end of the 18th century. In these are annotations about repairs made to the Hermitage, itself already in a lamentable state.

The current Hermitage is of simple construction, in keeping with unpretentious architecture. It’s interior consists of a single hall from which extends a small chapel, next to the high altar, dedicated to Cristo de los Remedios

Outside, the roof is topped with a belfry with two openings, to house the bells, and another hole in the top, which serves as a pedestal for a cross. At its head, the cover resolves at a semicircular dome of small dimension. The dome is configured as a lantern resting on a drum perforated as a “bull’s eye” for interior lighting.

The porch, as in many other chapels and churches, served as provisional cemetery awaiting the building of a new one. Today the space is devoted to the garden, and a small square where you can see some Visigothic pieces found in various works and restorations of the chapel.