Hostal Athena

Hostal Athena is an establishment with 12 rooms, offering accommodation all year round, and in the months of July, August and September, full board, at affordable prices.

In addition to competitive prices Hostal another attraction of the Athena is that we offer a traditional cuisine based on fresh homemade and seasonal products that come together as healthy Mediterranean diet recipes. During the summer you can enjoy dining on our home-grown vegetables and fruits.

Our rooms have ensuite bathroom, television and air conditioning. The care that the staff provides is friendly and familiar.

Our establishment is a building whose facade reflects the popular Alange architecture, since it was originally a village house, later renovated into hotel accommodation.

The location of the Hostel in the town also offers great convenience to the tourist who is enjoying the spa’s services, as it is located at a distance of just 50 meters away on the same street.

The landscape as seen from the Athena is extraordinarily beautiful, as the waters of the Alange reservoir surround the area’s landscaped promenade along which the hostel is located.

The reservoir favours activities related to nature and sports, turning a stay in Alange into days full of relaxing experiences.

At Hostal Athena we like to work that way, ensuring you want to come back every year, like so many other customers who have become regulars and friends, season after season.

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