Jesus Sanchez Adalid, Chairman of the ambassadorial program “Alange, healthy experience”

Jesus Sánchez Adalid, Presidente del programa embajadores

History, tradition, gastronomy and adventure is what you discover in Alange (Extremadura), an enclave heritage site that combines sun and water, quiet and active recreation.

Jesús Sánchez Adalid, born in 1962, is of Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz). He graduated in Law from the University of Extremadura and conducted doctoral courses at the Complutense University of Madrid. He served as a judge for two years, after which he studied philosophy and theology. He also holds a degree in canon law from the Pontifical University of Salamanca. Catholic priest, currently serves as pastor in Mérida, attached to the Con-Cathedral of St. Mary and the University of Extremadura Pastoral.

It is considered a versatile and original writer, it’s connected to a vast readership thanks to the peculiar treatment of his characters, the intensity of their experiences and the journeys they undertake – exciting, true initiation journeys in search of their inner truth.


He has successfully published The light of the East, The Mozarabe, Félix de Lusitania, The Land Without Evil, The Captive, La Porte, In the company of the sun, The Knight of Alcántara, Miracles of wine and Galleon. In 2007 he won the Fernando Lara prize for his novel The soul of the city and in 2012 Alfonso X the Wise Historical Novel Award for Alcazaba.

In Extremadura he has been awarded the Medal of Extremadura, the Extremeños Today award, the Avuelapluma prize, and the secondary schools in the region, where his works are widely read, have honoured him in 2009 with the award ‘More than 2016 readers’ .

Currently his novels are published and disseminated throughout Latin America and translated and published in Portugal, Greece, Holland, Poland, Hungary and soon in Italy, France, Germany and Turkey.

Sánchez Adalid collaborates on National Radio, in the newspaper HOY (‘Today’) and magazines “National Geographic History”, “The Adventure of History”, “Marca Extremadura” and “New Life”.

His extensive and original literary work has connected with a varied crowd of readers, thanks to the veracity of his arguments and the intensity of his descriptions, which are based on observation and documentation. His novels are a penetrating reflection on human relationships, individual freedom, love, power and the search for truth.

Sanchez’s Adalid’s work has now become a symbol of agreement and harmony between East and West, between religions, races and peoples that make up humankind, because his ideas are supported on the basis that any culture needs the mix of many influences, especially in a world torn apart by intolerance and fanaticism.