The 6th Tapa Tour of Alange will take place on the 12th and 13th of April and will count on up to 11 participating establishments.

April has arrived, and with it the 6th Tapa Tour of Alange! Once more (this time will make a total of six) we can enjoy the tapas made with such dedication by the business people from the hostelry sector in our locality.

This time, and organised by the Joint Authority for Tourism Management “Alange, tourist destination”, our tour takes us to Bar “El Norte”, Bar “El Castillo”, Restaurant “Trinidad”, Bar “Berdonce”, Bar “Dios”, Bar “Quico´s”, Terrace Bar “Juno”, Hotel “Varinia Serena”, Hotel Rural “La Sinforosa”, Bar “La Explanada” and Restaurant “El Pilar”, each of which will try to surprise us with their most original and innovative tapas in a bid to become the winning establishment.

To that end, we the consumers will play the part of judges, and via our votes it is we who will award the final victory. Each restaurant and bar will have a card which will have their name, the tapas they are serving, and a scoring scale from 1 to 5. Having consumed one of the competing products, you need to score it according to the creativity, quality and innovation of the tapa; each establishment must stamp the card and then later, on a date between the 14th and 21st of April, it must be delivered to the Town Hall or to the Tourism Office.

This way, we the consumers can also be entered in a draw to win the following prizes:

  • First Prize: “A Tasty Rural Stay”. Includes one night of accommodation, breakfast and dinner for two people in their choice of 225 “Tasty Nooks”
  • Second Prize: “Gift Certificate”. Includes one night’s  double room with breakfast in their choice of any of Extremadura’s Hospederías. Prize donated by the Ingenia company of La Zarza.
  • Third Prize: “Refuge for Two”. Includes one night of accommodation, breakfast and dinner for two people in their choice of 167 casas rurales.
  • Fourth Prize: A dinner for two.
  • Finally, as a special prize for those participating via social networks, a dinner for two will also be drawn.

The draw will be made on 28th April in the Salón de Actos of the Town Hall, and there is only one essential stipulation, and that is that all cards must be stamped in every establishment participating in the 6th Tapa Tour of Alange.

And what is to be found in this 6th Tour? We’ll give you a preview of some tapas: chicken thighs in pepitoria, salmon in scallop sauce with caramelized artichokes, blue cheese bites on a bed of tropical salad, clams in shellfish sauce with squid and prawn, tilapia (a freshwater fish) in a shellfish sauce, secreto (a cut of belly pork) hamburgers, pig’s cheek in vegetable sauce, shellfish-stuffed fish fillets in cava sauce, pork steak with quails’ eggs, monkfish in sauce with prawns, and meat pastries with grilled vegetable garnish.

What do you think of that? Are you up to completing the tour with us?

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