The Hermitage of St Gregory is located at the extreme North West of the town, close to the entrance into the village. when approaching from the city of Mérida. It’s positioned in a street of the same name, near the climb up to the castle. It is believed to date from some time around the end of the 17th and the  start of the 18th centuries, and shows signs of various restorations and repairs.

The building, after being desacralized, passed into private hands, being used as a bodega or winery. In recent years it has been bought by the Town Hall and subjected to a process of rehabilitation, to convert it into a building suitable for hosting cultural events. The hermitage is a building of small dimensions, formed from one main hall with an elongated body, barrel vaulted with a half point, and two lateral series of niches. This body is separated by an arch on pillars, emerging in turn  into a further half dome on scallops, with top centre hole for lighting.