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At the foot of the Piedra Aguda reservoir we find Valverde de Leganés where, in the middle of the pastures, traditional farmhouses were built, giving shape to the village. Its important heritage, its traditions, but above all the value of its people, make it a reference village in Extremadura.

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Our meadow, heritage, customs, but above all its people make us a point of reference in the world. Extremadura

You can't miss...

You can't miss...


The 12th of September is the big day of our patron saint, the Virgen Milagrosa, and for five days you can come and enjoy Alange and its festivities.

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Another feature of the nature that shapes Alange is its canchos. The "canchos" are rocky promontories considered to be a sign of the town's identity, the best known being the Canchos de los Toros, the Canchos de los Enamorados, the Picota and the Pata del Buey.